“God is Grand” at Camp Laughing Child!

Dearest Camp Family,

I pray that you and yours are utterly saturated with Father’s Sweet Love!  The depth of blessing experienced at our opening day event defies description.  The following photos should communicate more than I ever could with mere words…  These precious families started a journey with us on Saturday that I believe will lead to their healing and ultimately to Heaven.  Bless you for caring enough to reach as far as Camp Laughing Child with the saving Love of Jesus.  It is “screamingly” clear that the smiling faces seen in these photos are of girls, boys, women, and men created to be Sons and Daughters of God!  We have been given the awesome privilege and responsibility to love them into relationship with Our Wonderful Savior.  He is surely able and eager to complete the beauty of His creative intentions for their lives.  How amazing that He allows us to participate?!  Though Camp is not quite ready for extended therapeutic programs, which focus on special needs children, we will continue to use our grounds for meeting needs of local kids and their families. These local communities are more open than ever to an unfolding explanation for the pure love that causes people like YOU to selflessly provide for their needs.  On their behalf, I bless and thank you!

Around 400 people visited Camp Laughing Child on Saturday!  Most all of them walked long distances to spend the day with us.  They were served a delicious meal washed down with yummy and much needed home-made hot cider (it was chilly outside).  Kids and adults enjoyed hours of fun entertainment and activities provided by talented performers from Costa Rica and Puebla City.  The children thrillingly destroyed  6 swinging piñatas filled with candy.  An explanation for who we are and why we are there was given along with Scripture.  I cannot describe the warmth with which we were received.  I know that it is because YOU have been faithfully at “work” in the fields of intercession preparing the way!  Bless you for all that you sow into this little ministry of Our Loving Harvester!  He is worthy!!

Lord willing, we will all be in touch over this Christmas season.  I hope to see my Mom and family in Georgia.  If I do not get to see you, I surely hope to speak to you by telephone.  I love you all and cannot thank you enough for including me and Laughing Child in your hearts.  Please keep us in your prayers!!

Love You,




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