Recent camp update from Shane…

Hope all is well and blessed with you! Thank you for your intercession for me and for Laughing Child during these trying days. Thank you for agreeing with Father as you read. I am so glad you are on His side!!

I just finished weeks of negotiation with State and Federal Agencies here in Puebla, Mexico. Weeks ago, the government of Mexico roped off the entrance to our Camp, forbidding construction of any kind. They also placed tight deadlines for response that have been deeply challenging to meet. After nearly four years of clearing and building activity, we have definitely been noticed!

As it happens, our beautiful Camp is located in a small, yet highly protected National Forest. Interestingly, the zones surrounding this tiny area require few to no permits for land and building development. Ismael, our overseeing Friend and Architect, is surprised by the government’s actions. He has been a great help through negotiations.

Officials finally admitted that if we had initially requested the land development and building permits, as is the law, the process fees would actually have been the same, if not greater… Further more, it is highly unlikely that they would have granted us permission to build our Camp in this highly protected Nature Reserve. So, though it seems crazily expensive to me, it turns out to be a better and cheaper option than to have applied for the appropriate permits before building. That being said, it is still a whopping amount for our little ministry.

The total amount Laughing Child has to pay is just over $8,000 US dollars in plans, permits, fees and fines… This amount is in addition to the trees and planting that are required… I must pay a deposit of $1,500 tomorrow, $4,500 in mid-October and the balance when the process is completed in about 6 months… THEN, we will have a strict deadline for reforestation. There is also the matter of completing our construction.

I must confess that I feel somewhat discouraged by Laughing Child’s current financial health. We are already at over $30,000 “in the red” from a rush of Spring construction, just beating the rainy season.

Perhaps Father will liquidate a few of his cows, from one of His thousand hills, to fit the bill…. 🙂 He is never late, but seldom early! Will be a thrill to see how He provides…

Thank you for your love and faith saturated-prayers!

Love, Miss and Need You,



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