Great News in Hard Times

I trust that you and yours are happy, healthy, and faith-filled, through these unprecedented days.  I share your hope that, we will not only make it through this pandemic, but we will emerge with a deeper connection to God and to one another.  May His loving presence continue to surround you and your family, on all sides, come what may.

Understandably, we have assumed a posture of self-preservation and selfless protection of the most vulnerable in our immediate proximity.  It seems like a less than ideal time to be considering needs which exist in far away places.  However, I am trusting that God will open the space within us to share His expansive heart for those who are struggling beyond our sight.  I pray that this imposed stillness may produce a greater capacity within us to sync with Father’s compassionate heartbeat for His world.   Take some extended time in the quiet to explore His heart for the world.  I find it useful to place a map of the world on the floor, or on wall of the prayer closet.  Perhaps the deepest level of intercession is to pray the emotion of God.  Praying with Him, before a clear view of His heart (world map), may transform us, and the world.  After traveling to more than 175 countries over 30 years, sharing Father’s heart in intercession is still the most thrilling and meaningful exploration I take—For God so loved the world!
I am finding it a challenge to know how best to share some great news in the midst of this worldwide pandemic.  Our most urgent and perhaps most significant prayer request appears to be answered.  We are in serious conversation with a remarkable couple in Mexico for the position of pastor/director/educator at Camp Laughing Child.  Dr. Daniz Pastran and his wife, Reyna, have been in full-time ministry for over 30 years.  They are originally from the country of Venezuela.  They based their ministry from there until the current crisis forced them out of their country.  Dr. Pastran is a seasoned pastor, teacher, counsellor, administrator;  his wife is a gifted and professional educator.  I believe that they are a direct answer to much prayer.  They will greatly enrich and expand our ministry within our Jerusalem and among the poorest children and families facing terminal diseases in Mexico.

Now for the inevitable mission-letter punchline:  We need you!  Laughing Child is poised to have a greater impact on suffering kids and families than I ever dreamed.  Our beautiful campus will not only be filled with the healing laughter of children, but we will also train ministers from all over Mexico to serve as chaplains among poor terminally-ill children and their families.  Please ask Our Provider to supply all of our financial needs.  Laughing Child has lost a significant amount of financial support over the last year.  Violence tried to boot us out, but are rebooting for God’s glory, and for the healing of hurting families.  Thank you for standing with us in this good fight to please God and help the helpless in a desolate place.  Our able Father will do immeasurably more than we have hoped or imagined.

I Love You,