A Fruitful Future at Camp! See the update…

Dearest Camp Family,

I pray that you and yours are deeply blessed through these Winter days!  Thank you for caring and sharing so faithfully.  I thank Father for you daily.

We have had an interesting couple of weeks here at Camp.  The good news is that it looks like the nagging Government Agency, PROFEPA is finally going to leave us alone.  After years of working to avoid their fines, we have agreed to pay them $5,000 USD next Wednesday.  We prepared expensive proposals for a work exchange which would have replaced the fine, only to have them rejected time and time again.  It seems in the end that money is all they were after.  Steve English, my dear missionary friend in Guatemala insists that paying fines goes hand in hand with doing ministry in Latin America.  He says that he had to simply stop keeping track of the multiple fines and fees that he has paid over years of ministry.  The fines and fees must be considered a necessary ministry expense.  Accepting these charges is still a difficult adjustment for me to make.  However, I do believe that whatever we plant here in Mexico will bear Heavenly Fruit!  We do not render to Caesar what is Caesar’s because we believe that “he” is the best steward of our money…

Speaking of fruit!!  Yesterday we started planting fruit trees at Camp Laughing Child.  This weekend we will plant 45 trees.  Next week we will receive another truckload of 55 trees including apple, peach, plum and apricot.  That will be 100 fruit trees serving our goal of making Camp Laughing Child self sustaining one day.  Many of these trees are mature enough to bear fruit THIS Summer.  May these fruit trees be a symbol of abounding heavenly fruit which Father produces and harvests at Camp Laughing Child!  Blessed is the Lord of the Harvest!  Thank you for sewing these good seeds within fields of the forgotten.  Truly, you join Our Loving Father when you reach out to the Least of These…

Another important stop that we made this past week was to pay another installment to the maker of our 2,000 roof tiles.  It is amazing to watch this labor intensive process unfold.  These roof tiles are being handmade exactly as they have for centuries.  Our 2,000 tiles for the Playground Pavilion will be ready in three more weeks.  This gives us time to put the wooden framing members in place to receive these heavy handmade tiles (teja).

We are working with the Water Commission for authorization to tap into the nearby potable water supply.  Once we have their approval, we can install our water system.  Very exciting stage!

Additionally, the local blacksmith is currently building a set of sturdy stairs to our Chapel.  Finally, we will welcome a new worker, named Pablo, to our Camp construction team next week.

Our first truckload of fruit trees delivered…   Apples, peaches, plums and apricots.


Kind owner of the tree farm.  They gave us some extra trees…


Our own Cesar is thrilled to have these trees to plant this weekend.  He is a farmer at heart.


Safe keeping in the Charlie House until planted…


Our roof tile (teja) master craftsman is molding and cutting our 2,000 tiles.


The Grandson is already a skilled craftsman in this dying trade.  It is amazingly intensive labor.


Business is a family affair in the village of Santa Maria.

Thank you for your faithful love and support.  We are on the move in Mexico because YOU say yes to being a part of God’s healing solutions for these hurting kids.  THANK YOU!!

Love and Gratitude,