A HUGE thank you and a prayer request… More photos of our celebration inside.

Awesome Camp Family,

Thank you so much for your faithful love and support throughout a challenging 2012.  I continue to bless Loving Father for the gift that YOU are to Camp Laughing Child.  Your compassionate lives truly humble me.

Before I share a forward-looking report of our activities, I would like to ask your prayers for an urgent matter.  A few weeks ago several strangers arrived in a taxi to our neighbors home across the river.  They knocked on the door, asked the Wife to get her Husband…  When he stepped into the yard the men shot him to death.  Please pray for his family and pray for the Camp.  Violence has never made it so close to us.  I trust that you will pray for our workers often.

This week we focus on gathering materials needed for the significant job of installing our water system.  Tanks, tubes and fittings will provide potable water to both the Charlie and Hazel Houses as well as to the new Playground Pavilion.  Three kitchen sinks, three large laundry sinks and six full bathrooms.
Let there be water!

Enjoy a few more of these celebration photos.  It was a glorious day!

love and gratitude,