A Letter from Shane

Dearest Camp Family,

My heart is filled with gratitude as I remember you in prayer before our loving Father. Thank you -beyond words- for your faithful and generous support of this humble ministry.

It is a heartfelt thrill for me to write this praise report and thank you letter. We are experiencing a truly awesome camp season this year. I wish I had better words to describe the joy of hearing the healing laughter of hurting families sounding through the fields and halls of Camp Laughing Child. You and our caring Father have built an oasis of love in a desert of pain and hopelessness -Bless you!

We welcome terminally-ill children, along with their families, to healing camp adventures designed just for them. My favorite moments at camp happen when we are seated around one large table for family meals and sharing. We think of our new dining room as a chapel as well. His presence, through the sharing of His Word at our table, has been nothing short of miraculous. I actively pray for you and your family when we are having camp. Many of you have stood so faithfully with this little ministry; through government closures, threats of violence, financial crises, personal sickness, etc. I am overwhelmed by your faith and generosity.

Please pray with us through the significant challenges we are facing this year.  We are in a God-positioned posture for greater outreach than I would have ever believed when first envisioning the ministry of Camp Laughing Child. At the same time, funding for our healing camp programs is at an all-time low.  I do realize that I am “preaching to the choir”. You are to be celebrated for your astounding generosity. Without you, there would be no Camp Laughing Child. I am simply asking you to pray diligently with us for God’s creativity as we seek to expand our support base. We want others to share in the joy of our compassionate obedience. You serve as an inspiration as I invite folks to join our small family of supporters. I pray that God may reveal those in your realm of influence who may want to share in our joy.

Keep in mind that I am available to share with any individual or group that is interested in learning more about the ministry of Camp Laughing Child. I so appreciate your prayers and deep interest in God’s healing and future for these precious kids. May Father continue to richly bless you and make you a blessing to the ends of His earth!

I Love You,