A Thanksgiving to Christmas Challenge – How you can help complete Camp Laughing Child THIS YEAR…

Dearest Camp Family,

I hope that you had an awesome Thanksgiving celebration!  Truly, we have so very much for which to be grateful to Father.  You certainly are among His choicest gifts to me and to the ministry of Camp Laughing Child.  Thank you!

Bless you for your loving prayers for me through my recent illness.  I am overwhelmed by your kindness and feel renewed as I continue a recovery process.  I am feeling better everyday.

The photos that you see below were taken this afternoon at Camp.  I wish that we were closer to the finish-line, but we certainly are in the race to the end!  It has been a tremendously rainy season this year.  Rain greatly complicates concrete work.  Unfortunately, one worker left us in September and our other highly skilled craftsman took a month off to attend to family business.  Even with those set-backs, I am happy with the significant improvements made.  Thankfully, our two very large septic systems have been installed.  One system will serve both the Charlie and Hazel Houses while the other will support two bathrooms and a small kitchen in the Playground Pavilion.  All of the large wooden roof beams have been cut and are ready to be placed on top of the Playground Pavilion when weather permits.  They are safely drying until the sun breaks out for a few days.  After the wood is secured, the roof tiles will be installed.  Mario has been busy pouring concrete floors and laying tiles in the Pavilion.  He is ready to begin the finish tile work in the two bathrooms.  You may recall what lovely work he does finishing our bathrooms.  We are grateful for his significant contributions to our beautiful camp.  He and Cesar are faithful friends and workers.

Next week I will buy a huge water tank and a whole lot of tubing to supply the camp with water from the source at the top of the property.  Thankfully, gravity is in our favor.  Water pressure should be great!  The “hard” part is meeting with the municipality water commission to authorize the connection and billing.  I will also arrange the transportation of over 2,000 heavy clay roof tiles from a little village called, Santa Maria, to our camp.  On short order, dimensions must be gathered and designs finalized for our order of custom windows from the wood mill shop.  The list continues…  As you have likely experienced, most construction projects take longer to complete and cost more than ever imagined.  Believe me, building in Latin America is no different.  I deeply appreciate your prayers for grace as stone by stone we continue to build for an eternity of healing!  I could not, would not, do it without you.

In addition to the tasks mentioned above, I am also responsible for raising the funds required for camp construction.  I humbly confess, it is very difficult to do the work of the ministry here in Mexico AND raise sufficient funds from there in the USA.  Here is where you come in…  Will you kindly devote some time and energy to raising funds for Camp Laughing Child between now and Christmas?  If you assume some of the privilege and responsibility for fund-raising this season, I will focus on pushing toward camp completion here in Mexico.  Amazingly, many of you are already going the second mile for our Camp.  Thank you!  May we all find some extra grace to stretch even deeper into Father´s Heart and Vision for these hurting kids in the weeks ahead.  I pray that this 2012 season of giving will finish and furnish Camp Laughing Child.  Please, you can help make it happen.  Compassionately pray, give and ask others to partner with our Camp family this Christmas.  All this to the glory of our Father and for the healing of His children.


The new septic tank serving the Charlie and Hazel Houses.

The  nearly finished face of the Playground Pavilion.

The back patio of the Playground Pavilion will include a large sink for washing clothes.

There will be a small prayer garden located around this chimney.

The dorm room in the Pavilion is near completion.

This large open area of the Pavilion will soon be covered.

This is one of two full bathrooms.  They are both ready to be tiled.

Soon this view will include a playground filled with healing laughter!


In Love and Gratitude,