Annual Family Day Celebration planned amid chaos in Mexico…

Dearest Camp Family,

I hope that you had a beautiful Thanksgiving celebration with your loved ones!  Thank you for your loving support of Camp Laughing Child.  We are so grateful for YOU!

Please pray for us as we hold our 4TH annual Family Day Celebration at Camp Laughing Child this Sunday, December 7TH.  We will host around 500 folks from the poor villages that surround our Camp.  Half of people attending are kids!  Their parents insist that our annual Celebration event provides the only Christmas gifts that their children will receive.  We are committed to building trust relationships with our neighbors.  Please pray that our growing witness will help lead our community to Lord Jesus.   This is our main event in reaching out to our “Jerusalem”.  We covet your intercession.

Sadly, we felt it necessary to cancel plans to host a team from Christ Community Church in Columbus, Georgia.  They were excited to help sponsor and serve at the Celebration this year.  We were so looking forward to their visit and thrilled for the help.  However, after much prayer, we believe that it is wise to postpone all foreign team activity at Camp Laughing Child until the latest waves of violence in Mexico subside.  This current season of civil unrest has made road travel especially dangerous.  Please pray for all that will be traveling to and from Camp to make this Celebration Day a special one!

Thank you again and again for your generous support of Camp Laughing Child.  Please pray about including this little ministry in your heart and “under your tree” this Christmas season.  Your compassionate giving provides healing laughter for our precious girls and boys at Camp Laughing Child!  THANK YOU!!

Much Love and Merry Christmas!