Awesome Family Camp Celebration! See the photos…………

Dearest Camp Family,

I cannot thank you enough for supporting our second annual family day celebration at Camp Laughing Child.  It was a fantastic day for all.  Over 500 folks from the local villages climbed our steep hill yesterday afternoon.  We enjoyed great Mexican food (which we just call… “food”).  The kids played games, broke four huge candy-filled piñatas and were completely mesmerized by two incredible acrobatic clown shows.  We are grateful for the generous and genius international artists that gave their all for our kids.  With eyes fixed and jaws open, both children and adults were utterly captivated.  For most of us, yesterday will be impossible to forget.  I so wish that you could have been with us.  I am thrilled that our wonderful friend and partner, Ron Lucas was able to be here.  He was a tremendous help preparing for the event and was truly great with the kids.  Thank you, Ron!  Like Ron, YOU make this new work possible.  A shining witness of Father’s Love is reaching the hidden valleys and hard-to-climb hills surrounding Camp Laughing Child.  Thank God that trust is being established in those communities as they watch us continue to build, slowly but surely for hurting kids, including theirs.

Bless you for your loving and consistent support through prayers and other gifts.  I sincerely could not and would be here without you!

Here are a few photos of our amazing day at Camp.  May these images inspire you in your partnership as a builder of lives and futures through Camp Laughing Child.