Breaking ground for the playground!

I am so excited to report the laying of foundation stones for our playground facilities. There will be a covered shed area for rainy day games or shaded supervision of children at play. The covered area will also include a little first aid office/clinic complete with a full bathroom for volunteer overflow. The new stone foundation that you see being laid in the photos is a retaining wall that will also serve as a very long sitting bench. One portion of this long bench will be covered and the rest warmed by the sun. Once the facilities are finished we will search for the most suitable playground design for our 6 to 12 year old campers and begin construction on a safe, yet thrillingly fun play area. This is sure to be the kids’ favorite zone.  It will likely be a choice area for staff and volunteers as well… to just sit and watch for a spell.

You will also see a new brick column on the ground floor of the Hazel House.  Though it appears to be a decorative accent, know that it fully functions in keeping the upstairs… up!  The little rounded fountain-like feature (complete with a stone lion’s head figure) will likely serve as a giant planter or a tiny turtle pond.  We have time to decide.  I will try to keep this site alive with updates as often as possible.  Do keep checking on our progress from time to time.  I would love for you to pray with as much detailed information as possible.  Bless you for your vital partnership on this shared journey of working compassion.  May Our Master-Builder have His way, all the way!

Thank you for your constant prayers.  Please pray that my health will line up with Father’s best in and through me during these busy days.  My blood pressure soars crazily high at times.  Sleep is short and days are long.  Pray that I will assume only the responsibilities that Father gives me.  May increased faith replace my worry as we daily face the gap between where we are and where we long to be…  Our needs are providing awesome opportunities for the demonstration of His divine provision for all to see.  Your faith and encouragement are truly gift and blessing in my life.  Thank you for believing with me for the completion of this beautiful work which Father has birthed and is building with us!

Much Love and Gratitude,