Camp Director’s Report

Dear Camp Family,

I find it hard to believe that it has already been 4 years since the first time that Camp Laughing Child was inundated with the laughter of children and their families.

When I joined Camp Laughing Child, I had no idea of what was to come. Growing up unchurched—in a city environment—I was completely unfamiliar with the concepts of mission or farming. Now, I very much feel like I am primarily a farmer for the kingdom of God. Every morning I wake up with a bag of seeds that I consciously carry around with me, and try to plant everywhere I go—understanding that planting, and watering, is all I get to do. I may never see the crop flourish in my lifetime, but that does not discourage me. I sow these seeds trusting that the Holy Spirit will bring them to harvest.

Many times, I have denied the question that is often presented to me by folks: “It must be very rewarding, to do what you do.” Perhaps, ultimately, the answer should be “yes”. Living within what I believe to be obedience is—in fact—very rewarding. However, there is no shortage of deep pain that comes with awareness, truth, and proactive caring. Being alive to the needs of others, is nothing short of devastating. It is then, that the seeds I carry, feel as diminutive as they are—merely seeds.

I consider myself fortunate, for I have begun to see sprouts where once all is saw, was ground—dry, eroded ground. When our relationship with the institution that we primarily serve started, they acknowledged “having departed from God”. It was the new director’s hope that we would help reintroduce spirituality into their work. It has been 4 years since we began.  With this new Christian commitment, sadly, some employees have left their organization. However, some others have responded amazingly well. For the first time, this camp season, they prayed on their own initiative before their meals.  To illustrate the significance of this development, I must add: Three years ago, the head psychologist would leave the room when I would lead devotions. Thrillingly, that same psychologist, now seeks for volunteers to ask a blessing before each meal

Perhaps my sprouts—which can move me to tears—seem minuscule to you. However, for me, they are a promise of hope, a promise of life, a gift from the Holy Spirit. I want to thank you, for you allow us at Camp Laughing Child to be farmers for the Kingdom of God. May these little sprouts turn into beautiful, ever-bearing trees that cover the Earth.

God Bless You,

Alex Molina