Camp Laughing Child program development.

The Camp Laughing Child Program Path: We offer a Christ-centered, nature-based, and animal-assisted therapeutic adventure program for children with terminal diseases who live in medical treatment/care institutions in Mexico. The duration of our camp adventure programs will vary. They are based on the specific needs and desires of the hosted care institution. No matter how long kids stay at Camp, our core therapeutic path will be strictly followed. Jesus Christ is at the center of all that happens at Camp Laughing Child. Though the core program path is a non-negotiable, our approach to therapeutic care is highly individualised. We accept only 12 children per camp adventure. These institutionalised kids range in age from 6 to 12. Age specific program modifications will be made to insure maximum benefit for each child. We will work closely with hosted institutions to know these children as well as possible before their camp experience. We will also diligently serve to nurture the gift and responsibility of our new relationships long after the camp program has ended.

Here are some foundational thoughts which have led to the development of our Three Gardens Discovery Program. Please read through and pray for us as we continue to seek Father’s very best for these precious kids!

For many of us, the creation story from Genesis was our first biblical introduction to Christian belief, and ultimately led us to faith in Jesus. I think that we can all agree that, “In the beginning, God…” is the perfect place to start. Camp Laughing Child will lead kids on an adventure of spiritual discovery through three biblical gardens; from Eden, to Gethsemane, and then to Paradise. The natural sanctuary of our seven beautiful acres is an awesome setting for this exciting journey to Jesus. Within this awe-inspiring atmosphere, filled with biblical and natural revelation, we enlist the help of others of God’s creatures to illustrate Father’s loving intentions for our lives. Our unique Biblical-themed animal assisted therapies will powerfully demonstrate God’s perfect design and passionate desire for intimacy with His children. Kids will learn of the gentle nature of their Creator through up close and personal participation in the care of our farm animals. Reciprocal human-animal interaction is a powerful illustration of Father’s tender, love-soaked pursuit of liberating lordship in our lives. Kids will learn the joys and responsibilities of caring for “others”. It will be profoundly empowering for these physically weak children to be in charge of the welfare of our gentle dependents at Camp. Though animal assisted therapies yield many physical and psychological benefits to children, we are most excited about the spiritual impact of these participatory therapies.

Our farm animal assistants form the team that we call, Noah’s Band. With a moo moo here and a moo moo there, Moo-na and Leeza are the first pair to join the band. Not only will these gentle giants be fed, groomed, walked, and milked by the kids, the fresh milk will produce butter, cream, and cheese for camp consumption and fund-raising. HERE THEY ARE!!



Moo-na and Leeza_MG_9048

I will send you profiles on additional Noah’s Band members as they are gathered.

Thank you for praying and giving through all these exciting developments.

Much Love and Gratitude,