Camp Season in Full Bloom!

Dearest Camp Family,

I trust that you are highly encouraged today.  Thank you again and again for your loving support of this little ministry of healing in Mexico.  We have been experiencing God’s miraculous love at work in the hearts of our campers this year.  Bless you for extending true hope and a future to these hurting kids.  YOU have made a forever difference in their lives!

We Just finished an awesome camp adventure and are currently preparing for a maximum capacity camp scheduled for May 6.  We so appreciate your prayers for Camp Laughing Child during this busy season.

Here are a few photos of Camp Laughing Child in full bloom.  Our thanks to a very kind Canadian donor who insists on beautifying our camp with more azaleas yearly.  We are up to 1,200 azalea bushes!

The true beauty of our ministry is that God faithfully adds His extraordinary love to our very ordinary service.  Please pray for every heart that encounters God’s loving reach at camp.  I wish that each of you could hear the healing laughter of these children as Father restores the joy of their childhood at Camp Laughing Child.  YOU and Father have built a loving place of eternal regeneration and renewal.  I bless Him daily for the gift of your inspired love, faith, and sacrifice.  THANK YOU!!

Enjoy these photos of Camp!



IMG_1670 IMG_1846-HDR IMG_1870-HDR IMG_1964-HDR IMG_2212-HDR IMG_9174-HDR