Camp-to-Kingdom Building Report.

Dearest Camp Family,

I trust that Spring has sprung full of joy and promise for you and your family. I cannot thank you enough for your faithful love and support of this little ministry of healing for terminally-ill children. You are making a true and lasting difference in their lives!

We are in the finishing stages of some much needed construction at Camp. Our new staff and volunteer cabins will expand our capacity from 20 to 30 beds (photos below). In addition to these two cabins, we are also converting our playground pavilion building into an industrial grade kitchen and dining hall. Some of the most transforming moments at Camp occur while we sit together, as one big family, around the dining room table. It has truly been more powerful than I can describe. Our Heavenly Father sits at the head of our table for every meal.  Hungry hearts receive the Bread of Life. Experiencing these miraculous moments reminds me of why we have built this healing place.

We made a tough choice in tackling these construction projects this year. Our rather significant deficit would suggest a slowdown in expansion. However, love and faith have inspired and strengthened us to do just the opposite. The abounding fruit of this ministry has also encouraged us, to not only stay the course, but to stretch into Father’s greatest intentions for Camp Laughing Child. This is all about God’s heart and ministry for these hurting kids. Please believe with us that He who started this good work will complete it. He is faithful!

Thank you for praying specifically. Here are some details about our current projects:

We need $25,000 to finish and furnish our two staff and volunteer cabins (photos below).

It will cost approximately $10,000 to convert the playground pavilion building into an industrial kitchen and dining hall. An additional $5,000 will be required to furnish the kitchen and hall.

Bless you for standing with and for us! All of our confidence is in loving Father. Thank you so much for having His heart for the least of these among us. May the fruit of our ministry bless God and serve as healing for them.

Much Love,


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