CELEBRATION TIME AT CAMP!! Read all about it…

Dearest Camp Family,

I pray that you and your family are having a blessed Christmas season this year.  We are certainly blessed with much activity here at Camp Laughing Child!  Wish you could be here to share the excitement.

It delights me to report that the first of the two government agencies that have been “in our business” has accepted our 5- year work plan.  This means that they have “forgiven” a $5,000.00 fine if we successfully complete our environmental work at the Camp.  This is good news as most of the planting and land development was planned anyway.

May the second and last “offended” agency end up as cooperative in their assessment.  We do have to hire an independent contractor to prepare required environmental studies to satisfy that agency.  I appreciate you praying that their hearts will join ours for hurting children here!

Party time!!  Yes, our family celebration at Camp is on the 16TH of this month…  THIS SUNDAY!  I can hardly believe that it is already Christmas time.  This year, in addition to food, entertainment, clowns, etc…, we will present illustrated children’s Bibles to one hundred 6-12 year old boys and girls.  Our witness of love and the reason of our hope is building in the villages surrounding Camp Laughing Child.  Next year we will have living testimonies and even a speaker to share the Gospel at the event.  We pray that these trust building celebrations will lead to every girl, boy, woman and man knowing the Giver of every good and perfect gift.  Please pray for every heart, mind and soul there!  May Jesus renew us all in this season of new beginnings!

Here is the poster that we distributed all over the surrounding villages:

I close with a few recent photos of His beautiful Camp.  THANK YOU for helping realize this vision, born in Heaven, to the Glory of Father!

Love and Gratitude,