Dearest Camp Family,

He is risen indeed!  I hope that you enjoyed a glorious Easter celebration.
I am filled with gratitude as I write this important letter.  For the past 12 years, Camp Laughing Child has been blessed and honored to be a project under a wonderful ministry called, MorningStar International Ministries.  MorningStar is led by our wise and kind friend, Jerry Scarborough (CPA).  Jerry processes donations, makes deposits, and writes checks for our ministry.  Amazingly, he has never charged us an administrative fee for these services.  Handling these time-consuming duties has been a profound contribution to Camp Laughing Child—thank you, Jerry!  Most deservedly, he is easing into retirement this year—we wish him joy unspeakable as he enjoys more time with his beautiful family.  He has kindly offered to help Camp Laughing Child process an application for 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.  In addition to the IRS filing, we will need to hire an attorney for the creation and registration of our Articles of Incorporation.  It looks like the whole process should take just a few months and will likely cost approximately $2,500.    

There are currently no changes in the way that donations are processed.  I will be sure to let you know of any and all changes in good time.  Thank you for your kind understanding through this growth period for our ministry.  Again, nothing has changed as of now.

Let me extend my deepest gratitude to you.  There simply would not be a Camp Laughing Child without your generous support.  Your faithful prayers and gifts give me confidence to lead this ministry forward.  In the coming months, I will hire a Field Director/Pastor to join our team.  Appropriately and strategically, this crucial ministry position will be filled by a Mexican national. Please pray that we will clearly discern Father’s choice as we interview more candidates in May.  It is thrilling to consider what this Godly addition will mean to our team, and to the children, families, and institutions, that we serve through our healing camp adventures.  Furthermore, our resident Pastor will lead much needed community-based ministry to our “Jerusalem” in the poor villages surrounding the Camp.  We believe that a worshiping and serving church will emerge. 

Thank you again for praying!  Do kindly remember us to Our Provider as we face some extra expenses this Spring.  You are a blessing and gift to this little ministry of Hope.

Much Love,

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