Choosing Faith Over Fear at Camp Laughing Child

Dearest Camp Family,
I trust that you and yours enjoyed an awesome Jesus-filled Christmas.  May this new year unfold exactly as Father intends for you and your family.  Thank you for insisting on blessing kids and moms through the ministry of Camp Laughing Child.  I appreciate you reading this report and caring enough to pray and share as you do—you are wonderful!
I have just experienced some of the most challenging weeks of my life.  It all started at the beginning of December.  We were busily preparing for upcoming ministry events at Camp.  News came across the river that our next door neighbor had been kidnapped.  Our closest neighbor is the mom of our dear friend Pablo.  You may remember that Pablo worked for Camp Laughing Child for three years. We have since learned that just weeks before she was kidnapped, Pablo’s brother was shot twice at their home while resisting his would-be kidnappers.  Thankfully, he survived the attack.  Amazingly, their mom managed to escape her kidnappers.  However, she was severely beaten and is understandably traumatized.  Please pray for this family.  
Due to these, and many other violent crimes in our area of late, planned camp activities have to be postponed.  We are currently working with the Executive Director of La Casa de la Sal to create ministry opportunities within Mexico City which serve their kids, moms, and staff.  We are committed to the nurture and growth of these meaningful relationships in their home until we can welcome them back to our beautiful Camp.  Yes, Lord willing, and with added security measures, Camp Laughing Child will welcome our campers back within this year.  We do plan, by faith and fortification, to thrive as a God-placed oasis of love and life in this dark place for many years to come.  
I believe with all my heart that we will continue to witness the miracle of hurting kids and moms unfolding to Father’s life-saving love at Camp.  Thank you for faithfully standing with us and refusing to grow weary in doing good.  You are doing something more beautiful than you can imagine at Camp Laughing Child.  Bless you!
Much Love,