Christmas Camp News Flash!!

Dear Camp Family,

I trust that you have experienced new depths of His perfect love and peace this Summer.  Thank you for often including Camp Laughing Child in your prayers.  I am so humbled for your faithful prayers concerning my health and healing.  We have the divine insight that our Father is always actively, moreover lavishly loving and kind, through even the darkest of life’s seasons.  Though we cannot always trace His hand, we may surely trust His heart!  He has been utterly faithful through my health challenges in 2013.  Many of you have been used beautifully as expressions of His tender love and care.  THANK YOU!  Bless you for allowing His nature to so shine through your loving actions.  I am humbled and ever grateful for the gift of YOU in my life and within our little family of ministry through Camp Laughing Child.

Please be in prayer with us as we continue to plan our first overnight camp for special needs children.  We are in proactive conversation with a home for kids living with cancer.  These children, from 6 to 12 years old, are a perfect fit for what Father has provided at Camp Laughing Child.  Amazingly, they have also just accepted a child who is HIV positive.  They are just beginning to reach out to kids infected with HIV.  We look forward to learning and serving with them in this outreach.  The name of the foundation is Albergue Amigos de Jaime en Accion of Veracruz.  Please be in prayer for all parties as we grow a relationship that leads to healing for these precious little ones!

We are still working to raise money from the local community, surrounding the Camp, for the installation of electricity to our area.  The total bill for new power service is $14,080.  We have asked the local community to pay half of this amount.  The power company gave us a deadline of October 18TH.  If we do not order the service for that which they have quoted…  a long, expensive process will have to be repeated when the funds are available.  If power is not installed, we will need a rather large generator for our Christmas Camp and Family Day.  Either way, I am confident that Father WILL light the way to healing for these beautiful children.  Thank you for agreeing that there will indeed be light!

Much Love and Gratitude,