Countdown to Camp… THE RACE IS ON!! See the photos…

Awesome Camp Family,

I pray that you are enjoying a beautiful Spring season with your family.  I am reminded of your loving generosity everyday here at Camp Laughing Child. Thank you for so faithfully investing into this little corner of Father’s Kingdom ministry.

We have never been busier at Camp!  The following photos show some activities of THIS WEEK:

Mario and Felix are rushing to finish construction on the barn and stables for our “Noah’s Band” therapy animals.  The little storage barn will also contain a refrigerator and adequate counter space for making butter and cheese to help support our camp programs.  We should be able to put the metal roof on just before the first camp on April 24TH.  Moona and Leeza, our ever-larger milk cows, will be happy to move out of the laundry room into their new stable soon.  The laundry will certainly smell better as well!


Here you see Pablo digging a deep trench.  We have dug almost 1,000 feet of these ditches to supply underground electricity to all five of our camp buildings.  After living without electricity for these many years, it will truly feel miraculous to turn on the lights at Camp in a couple of weeks!  THANK YOU!!

Camilo, our local electrician, is seen here beginning his two-week job of wiring our 5 Camp buildings.  It took some convincing to get him to take on this huge project.  He appreciates that safety is our absolute priority.  Please pray for Señor Camilo and his family.

Cesar is cleaning around one of our beautiful azaleas.  Our great friend and partner, Bill Heppell of Nova Scotia, recently donated 500 mature azaleas to Camp Laughing Child.  It truly must be seen to be believed!


Alex is attempting to put the complex puzzle of our cedar play-set together!  I am sure that Mario’s help will be recruited when it is time to set the screws.  It will be such an exciting feature of our Camp!  THANK YOU!!

Our next post will be our Camper roll call list!  We will send you this prayer reminder of the kids that will be attending our first camp.  The Directors of the hosted institution will be at Camp Laughing Child for a site visit on March 22ND.  Please pray that Lord Jesus will find freedom to disclose Himself to these Directors during their stay at Camp.  We pray for healing in their lives as well!

Please be in prayer for us and for the children that are on their way to Camp Laughing Child on April 24TH.  THANK YOU for building this healing place!

Much Love and Gratitude,