Easter Greetings from Shane

Dearest Family,

I pray that your Easter was richly blessed. It fills me with such joy to share my heart with you, my God-ordained core of family and friends. Bless you for caring! I love you.

You are the treasure (“Bad Egg”) that our Risen Jesus sought, found, and redeemed! Thank you for identifying with Him so fully that you have now become a treasure hunter for His Name’s sake… Your compassionate love actively seeks these children, His precious treasures, hidden in the dry fields of Mexico. You do it to the Glory of their Loving, Ever-Pursuing Creator and Redeemer! He is worthy to receive the praise of their beautiful hearts… saved, healed, then Home… bought with the Highest Price, Our Jesus! Bless you for loving His dreams above your own. Thank you for valuing His eternal treasures far more than the petty trinkets of your own possessions. You have indeed been saved to be the Holy Spirit animated extension of His saving incarnational presence in this broken world. Bless you for saying this absolute and continual YES to His Will and Way above your own desires! I truly love you for faithfully pointing me to Him and to His hurting children, for which I have been redeemed…

Kindly look at these photos of our Camp, taken just last week. As you see what Father has provided thus far, please take a moment to agree with Him for the completion of this healing work, which HE has initiated! Truly, if I did not believe with all my heart that Father God is building this little ministry, I would have been out of Mexico a long time ago! You can imagine that I have had every earthly reason to abandon this work, through many trying years, in this increasingly troubled country. Even some Dear well-meaning Believers frequently encourage me to “get out of Mexico”. Thank you for understanding that obedience to the call of God is simply not negotiable. We do not say yes to Him out of self-interest and we NEVER say no to Him… PERIOD! Please know that your extended prayers and support are my encouragement from Father to stay the course. His children here are worth it, just as our children are worth everything to us! I pray that these recent images of Camp Laughing Child will renew your vision of His beautiful intentions for our friendship and partnership together for His Glory and their healing! THANK YOU!!

In closing, please pray for me as I soon attempt to drive 32 hours from the Camp to Columbus, Georgia. My faithful truck is overly “tired” from the nearly 200,000 hard miles that it has endured. I recently had a serious mechanical problem merely patched in the hope of just getting it across the border. The poor general condition of the vehicle does not merit the huge expense of correcting “her” deep ills… This leaves me rather car-less from June. I let you know these details because I believe that you care enough to pray. Do kindly let me know when Father gives you the wisdom that I pray for daily. Thank you! Bless you!

Much Love, from His and Yours, among the least…



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