Family Day Celebration 2015.

Dear Camp Family,

We hope that you enjoyed a wonderful Christ-filled Christmas this year. This past November 28th, we had the privilege and blessing of hosting our 5th annual Family Day Celebration at Camp Laughing Child. We were joined by a team of 11 great people from Christ Community Church to help with the many tasks related to this event.  We had an awesome time in worship and service together.

Folks, we are experiencing something truly wonderful at Camp Laughing Child. We are witnessing the the soft and beautiful opening of the surrounding communities towards us. Where once there was uncertainty and skepticism there is now trust and gratitude. It is obvious to us now how this was Father’s perfect plan all along. We are increasingly becoming more openly evangelical within our local communities. Thanks to the support of Christ Community Church, we were able to distribute more Bibles and other Christian materials than ever. Fifty families were handed a copy of the NIV Bible (Spanish version) from the hands of loving American Christians. In addition, many children received Bible story coloring books. Praise the Lord!

We strongly believe that these gatherings are building bridges between our Father and His people in need. The children’s faces light with laughter and joy when they are playing safely on our beautiful grounds. Our goal is that they will eventually rejoice in the safe embrace of their Savior’s love.

Thank you for kindly being the means that allow us to reach them. You are a missionary. None of this could be done without you. I hope that you will enjoy some of the photos of the team visit and the Celebration; as well as a small video of that same day.

Bless you.

Alex Molina

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