Fantastic February! THANK YOU! Read more about my exciting month in the USA…

Wonderful Camp Family,

How can I adequately express my gratitude for such an amazing month of relationship building? THANK YOU! You made it truly significant. I reconnected with some very dear “old” Friends and made some marvelous new ones. It was personally refreshing and utterly necessary for Camp Laughing Child. I am most thankful for Loving Father´s activity through the month. Many of us heard Him speak through our worship and His Word. Bless Him for moving in our hearts, minds and spirits so tenderly. It is no secret that an important reason for sharing the story of Father´s vision for Camp Laughing Child is to offer opportunities for prayer and financial partnership. Thank you again to those now praying and giving to His healing camp ministry here in Mexico. You are a direct answer to many prayers! I am thrilled to report that 30% of our 2012 financial needs have been met through February connections. Praise the Lord! We also added 7 monthly givers through our new electronic giving page on our website. Bless you for your monthly partnership which allows us to create and follow a predictable ministry budget throughout the year. To all of you who are praying, giving and sharing… THANK YOU!! Here is just one snap of a home community group from Christ Community Church in Columbus, GA.  They helped us prepare for a direct mail appeal to over 400 Pastors and Christian Doctors.  Thanks also to Pastor Mark Sasser for allowing us to use East Highland UMC for storing and shipping books.  I will be posting the latest Camp photos in a few days.