“He Is Risen” Easter Camp Now Confirmed!! Thank you for praying!!

Dearest Camp Family,

THANK YOU for praying for us through the deep disappointment that we experienced this past Christmas season.  I have kept my heart, head, and hands firmly on the “plow” since the last minute cancellation of our healing camp in January.  Though many new and promising contacts have been made in Puebla and Mexico City, I held it in my heart to host the same group of kids that had to cancel.  I have felt utterly heart-broken that these precious children, living with leukemia, were sorely disappointed when their Doctor recommended the postponement of their camp.  Wonderfully, after many subsequent meetings in Veracruz, these same kids will be with us in April for our “He Is Risen” Easter Camp!  I cannot tell you how thrilled we are with this great news.  You were already praying for several of these sweet kids.  We will be sending more profiles and photos in the days ahead.  Please adopt them in prayer for a miraculous camp adventure!  

This morning we had an incredible meeting with Directors and Doctors of the largest public hospital in Veracruz.  We are in the process of building a great relationship with this significant institution.  It looks like they will be sending six HIV+ children, from 6-12 years of age, to participate in our “He Is Risen” Easter Camp in April!  They have also passionately requested that we develop a program for teenagers that are HIV+.  They insist that, “There is simply nothing for them”.  To our amazement, the Director of HIV/AIDS work for 5 States in southern Mexico, looked right into my eyes and said, “Please help… They desperately need to know Jesus”!  WOW!!  Needless to say, we are blown away.  We are now planning to host two healing camps in May for teens living with HIV.   Loving Father is leading so beautifully for the sake of these mostly forsaken kids.  THANK YOU for caring and praying as you do!  These sweet first fruits of this ministry are due to what YOU have faithfully sown in love!  BLESS YOU! 

I have waited for this firm confirmation of our Easter Camp before communicating with you this year.  Frankly, I have felt ultimately responsible for the sad cancellation of our much anticipated Christmas Camp in 2013.  I am ever humbled by your faithful prayers and financial support of Camp Laughing Child.  Be assured that my calling and commitment to these children are irrevocable.  I am truly honored to be an extension of your compassionate obedience, to His heart, for these precious children in Mexico.  Thank you!

Finally, because of my reluctance to write until confident in reporting a firm confirmation of our Easter Camp, I have neglected to inform you of our significant financial needs.  We are quite seriously under-funded thus far in 2014.  I will continue to receive a salary of $500 a month until the operating budget is met.  Please pray with us that the $20,000+ deficit will be satisfied soon and that monthly support for Camp Laughing Child will increase.  He is able! 

BLESS YOU, beyond words, for providing healing, hope, and a future for these hurting kids.  He is worthy and they are worth it!!

Much Love and Gratitude,