Introducing Chucho.

Dear Camp Family,

Meet Laughing Child Camper, Chucho.  He is 6 years old and is undergoing aggressive treatments for Leukemia.  Chucho is our 12TH and final confirmed camper for our Christmas Camp in just a few weeks.  His huge smile was irrepressible as we described the fun adventure that we are creating for him at Camp Laughing Child.  Sadly, Chucho’s place at camp was made available by the recent death of Diego Torres.  Diego was just 7 years old.  We are told that he was very excited to be going to camp this Christmas.  We dedicate this Three Kings Christmas Camp to Diego and pray for his grieving family.

We are already experiencing the harsh reality of losing these precious kids to unforgiving diseases.  May Camp Laughing Child be pure joy and eternal healing for campers like Chucho!  Thank you for lifting loving prayers for every beautiful young soul that will be touched at Camp Laughing Child.

Bless you for giving Chucho and kids just like him an opportunity to be treated as Princes and Princesses in a healing place made just for them!  Chucho is worth it. Please adopt him in prayer.

Much Love and Gratitude,