Introducing Maylín.

From Alex:

Maylín has been fighting leukemia for over 2 years now.  She was diagnosed at the age of 6. It was then that her mother and father made the difficult decision of moving from their home in the country to the big city of Veracruz.  They were desperately searching for treatments and programs that would cure their daughter.  They moved with nothing in their bags but hopes and prayers.  Unfortunately, they had to leave their youngest son and their oldest daughter in the care of their grandmother.

They found needed refuge at a foundation that provides care for children suffering with cancer and their families. This organization, “Amigos de Jaime en Acción” is the institution which we are hosting at our ‘He Is Risen” Easter Camp in April. Maylin and her parents were fed, given a place to sleep, and clothing for 6 months. After a long search for job opportunities, they were finally given a position at an american private school as the head janitors. Maylín’s treatments were effective and her health started improving. Her spirit was filled with joy and strength. She always went to the hospital with a smile on her face and brought happiness to all that have crossed her way. I am certainly one of those that has been touched by her smile. Her whole family has now moved to Veracruz. Though Maylín is still under medical supervision, her prognosis is very encouraging. Thankfully, her younger brother and her older sister have been able to join them in Veracruz and they are happy to be reunited as a family.

When I met her, she was SO full of energy. It was wonderful to see her eyes fill with anticipation, happiness and excitement when I started telling her about what Camp Laughing Child has planned for her in April. She is very eager to go on her camp adventure, where she will play, sing, interact with animals, and learn about Jesus. I asked her if she would mind if I took some photos of her, so that the people that are going to be praying for her could see her beautiful smile. She smiled even bigger and looked right at the camera, then she said… “now take a picture of me here, and then there, and then over here!”. She took over the photo shoot and started directing me. Her little brother joined immediately and started having fun with the camera too. They were so happy to be posing and playing.

We talked about her favorite games to play. She says that playing like she is a teacher is one of her favorites.

I had also a brief opportunity to talk with her mom and explained to her about Camp Laughing Child. She thanked me several times for inviting her daughter. She also said that this will provide a special opportunity for her to spend some quality time with her other children. They have missed her so much as she has been attending the care of Maylín.

Please pray for Maylín and Camp Laughing Child as we prepare our much anticipated. “He Is Risen” Easter Camp.  We ask you to adopt Maylin and her family in prayer as we all agree together for her her complete healing from leukemia.

Enjoy these photos of Maylin and her sweet brother.

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