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Dearest Friends,

I pray that this note finds you deeply in Love with Jesus and eager to join me in prayer for His Glory in this challenging season for Camp Laughing Child.  Thank you!  I simply could not be here without you!!

Our assisting Lawyer believes that we have been targeted by a neighbor…  He said, “envy causes neighbor to turn against neighbor” …  Sounds like a Biblical theme that we understand…  I do believe that ignorance-powered envy is at the root of this attack.  The Federal and State agencies with which we are now negotiating have NEVER taken such severe action within our local Municipality, so insists our Local Lawyer…  However, strictly by the law, they are justified to put us through this grinding process.  The Lawyer confirms that our original Architect could not have predicted this kind of action.  Even the Lawyer is very surprised by the severity of these penalties.  We are now providing documents and conducting environmental studies required before we can perform the obligatory reforestation.  These must be done with government contracts and supervision.  These next two weeks will be spent creating detailed blueprints for all existing and projected construction.

The blueprints will also serve as part of our requirements to the local government(Municipality)in application for permission to “expand/renovate” existing buildings on our property.  If they do not grant us this continuation permit, we may be forced to pay for permits and fines from the initiation of our construction.  This would include four years of back payments for workers’ insurance, material taxes, labor taxes, square footage fees, permits, along with penalties for late payment…  Friends, all this to say, please pray that mercy will reign in and rain down as decisions are made by officials.

We know that the eager Healer of these broken children is also the longing Transformer of every heart involved in this process.  May compassion and understanding create a powerful testimony of Father’s presence for all to witness!  Perhaps there some of these officials that need to hear, see and feel the kind of love which will never give up on God’s dream to change the lives of their suffering and forgotten kids in Mexico.  HE is able!

PLEASE join me in prayer!  As Father nudges or shakes you, do kindly pray for me, plead for His children’s healing, ask that He work in the hearts of all with this unique opportunity to bless His Name and care for His hurting kids, insist that the significant financial resources that we need to meet these needs will be met and exceeded…  Bless you for praying!

I love and need you now more than ever.  May our Healer, Able Jesus receive Glory in the healing laughter of these beautiful children!

In Love, Hope, Faith, Humility, and Deepest Gratitude,




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