Laughter-Packed Christmas Celebration!

Dearest Camp Family,

Wish you could have been there!  We enjoyed a beautiful day together at Camp Laughing Child.  Several hundred children and adults walked from their villages to be with us on this special day.  Our fourth annual Family Day Celebration provided the only Christmas gifts that most of these kids will receive this year.  We ate together, kid’s enjoyed organized games and gifts, and God’s Word was shared.  A perfect event.  THANK YOU!

We are thrilled to announce confirmation of our next special needs camp!  At the end of January we will host a new batch of campers from La Casa de la Sal.  You will remember that they are the largest organization in Mexico serving children and adults with HIV.  We are honored and so excited to welcome this fine organization to Camp this January.  Their Executive Director, Olivia, insists on attending our healing camps with each of their groups.  She believes that Camp Laughing Child provides a healing environment which deeply enriches the spiritual health of every camper.  She reports that their entire organization has been impacted by the lasting renewal that is experienced at Camp.  We are so grateful to Father for faithfully meeting them at Camp Laughing Child.

Please enjoy these photos of our fourth annual Family Day Celebration!  Please remember to pray for our special needs camp in January.

Much love,

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