Launching our New Chaplaincy Ministry!

Dear Camp Family,

I trust that this report finds you and your family well and blessed.  Thank you for agreeing with Father for the completion of His very best intentions for our ministry.  This year has certainly presented us with some significant challenges.  However, I am confident that He is working all together for His good here in Mexico.  I am excited to share some great news of how God is actively leading our work.  

These past few weeks have provided awesome opportunities to seek God’s fresh direction for Laughing Child with some strategic folks.  We called on our dear brother and advisory board member, Steve English, to lead us in a season of seeking God for His clear direction within the chaos of rampant violence.  Steve and his amazing wife, Pam, have been missionaries in Guatemala for over 25 years.  He has been one of my dearest friends since we attended Asbury College together many years ago.  He has also kindly served as an invaluable asset to our ministry over the past 12 years.  His wise counsel was critically significant in the process of making weighty decisions which shape the future of our ministry in Mexico.  

We also enjoyed a wonderful meeting with the Director of our primary ministry partner, La Casa de la Sal.  I am simply amazed by the kind and convincing way that God has revealed His will for our work through this deeply meaningful relationship.  We look forward to many more years of fruitful fellowship and service with Dr. Olivia and La Casa de la Sal.   
Here are a few of the significant decisions which have been made through prayer and Godly counsel over a long season of serious consideration:

? The persistence of extreme violence near Camp Laughing Child forces the continued suspension of camp-based ministry activities for an indefinite period of time.  Please pray that peace will be restored in our war-torn region.
? We are launching an exciting new ministry to serve terminally-ill kids and their families in Mexico City.  Laughing Child International will provide a specialized chaplaincy ministry to reach hurting children and their families right where they live.  Our Laughing Child chaplains will also recruit and train local church volunteers for sensitive and effective outreach in hospitals and homes. Our Pastor/Director (now Chaplaincy Director) will be based in Mexico City.  Please pray that God’s choice for our Director will be clear as I continue to meet with Churches, Bible Colleges, and Seminaries.
? Laughing Child International reaffirms our commitment to serve HIV+ kids and their families through our primary ministry partner, La Casa de la Sal.  They have asked that we deepen our partnership by providing a Laughing Child Chaplain to their wonderful organization.  Our Chaplain will lead regular Bible study and prayer meetings for the children in their residential program, as well as lead a prayer meeting for staff and volunteers each Sunday. We are humbled to have been given such rare access to this fine organization and to the kids and families they serve.  Much more information about this thrilling partnership will soon follow.

Thank you for praying and standing with us through these significant changes in our approach to providing specialized ministries for terminally-ill children and their families.  Be sure, that through any and all adaptations required, our calling and core values remain unshakeable.  I believe that our ever-loving Father will continue to do great things in the lives of these hurting families through the healing ministry of Laughing Child.  Bless you, again and again, for so lovingly extending God’s new mercies to these precious ones through our work.

Love and Gratitude,

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