March to work! See photos of Camp construction progress…

Hi Camp Family,

Here are a few photos of what was accomplished while I was in the USA.  Our faithful workers waited patiently to be paid for their three weeks of hard work.  We are blessed to have such a good little construction team on site.

Enjoy these photos of our work in progress…  YOU make it possible to move forward toward our beautifully completed healing Camp!   THANK YOU!

Newly tiled upstairs bathroom in the Hazel House for girls.  Mario is working on the downstairs bathroom this month.

Mario and Cesar are finishing application of the stucco finish on the back and sides of the Hazel House.

Gerardo is working steadily on raising the stone foundation and walls of our Playground Pavilion.

Prayer by prayer, day by day, stone by stone, tile by tile…  What a blessing to work while it is day for the Glory of Our Worthy Father and His broken kids.

Love and Deepest Gratitude,