Moms Too

Dear Camp Family,

I trust that you are enjoying a great Summer.  Thank you so much for your unwavering love and support.  Camp Laughing Child is a beautiful healing place because of your prayers and gifts.

Life and ministry in a foreign country require a healthy measure of humility on a daily basis.  I am frequently confronted with situations that expose how little I know of the culture in which I am called to serve.  It seems that, even after decades of missionary service, the only appropriate uniform to wear is a thick cloak of humility.  One can either put it on with joy in submission, or much more uncomfortably, have it forcibly applied by circumstances. This journey can indeed be a challenge as my skin thins and mind closes with age.  I am asking God to increase His grace to fill the ever-widening gaps between my diminishing capacities and the increasing needs of His people.  May faith defy the “gravity” of the flesh.  He is resurrection and life.

Here is an amazing grace given to us at Camp Laughing Child:  Though we initially designed our programs exclusively for children living with terminal diseases, God revealed a rich and meaningful ministry of healing to the moms/guardians of these precious kids as well.  I must admit that this significant revelation did not come from a place so noble as prayer.  These appropriately protective moms/guardians gently told us that they simply could not allow their sick kids to travel without them.  Yet, they expressed excitement at the idea of joining their children for a camp adventure.  Finally, it dawned on us that reaching out to whole families would surely yield a more meaningful and lasting impact on the children.  Though thrilled by this new ministry opportunity, the dawning felt rather daunting as well.  This enlarged vision stretched us well beyond our hosting capacity.  Our “Moms Too” ministry accounts for the expansion of our facilities over the past 4 years.

Father has been so patient with me in this process of discerning His heart and mind for Camp Laughing Child.  I rejoice that, even through my dullness, He has found a way to transform whole families through our little ministry.  Please pray for the moms and guardians who accompany their kids to camp.  Most of them are impoverished, many of them were abused, and all of them (like us), need the perfect healing love of Lord Jesus.

Your loving prayers and generous gifts empower this expanded ministry outreach of Camp Laughing Child.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for praying and giving.

Much Love,