Getting ready for the opening!

Dear Laughing Child Family,

Hope you are surrounded on every side by Father’s Perfect Love! I simply cannot resist sharing a few photos taken at Camp today. As you will see, the rush is on! We just finished the stone floor under the chapel and patio. Mario is now laying tile on the downstairs level of the Hazel House. The floor will be finished by Friday and have all night to dry before the event on Saturday. Gerardo is completing the stone benches and fountain area in front of the Hazel House. Cesar and two helpers are doing a massive clean-up of loose stones and heaping piles of mixed materials. We have been preparing food, stuffing our 6 piñatas with assorted sweets, filling portable gas tanks for cooking, and driving between local churches, schools, clinics, and stores inviting families with kids under the age of 13 to join us this Saturday. People in the community are cautious yet curious to see what motivation is behind this free special event for their children. They have never seen anything like it. How exciting to know that it is the kindness of God that leads to repentance! May His Love fully abound at Camp Laughing Child.

Thank you again for making this Heavenly Dream come true!! Bless you for praying for us this week leading to our awesome “God is Grand” opening. Father and YOU are building a truly beautiful healing place for hurting kids. Heaven will hear their cries and cause their healing laughter…

Love You So,



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