New year, new direction!

Happy New Year!

May your new year be one marked by joyful service.  Bless you for seeking to live a life of compassion.  We are meant to be His voice, hands, and feet, within our broken families, communities, country, and world.  I am beyond humbled to be among the servants which you enable to extend God’s healing to the hurting.  We understand that what we do for the least of these, we do for Him.  My heart is filled with gratitude for your faithful and generous support of this little ministry of love.

I am so grateful that God’s mercies never cease.  As a matter of fact, they are new every morning!  It is this inexhaustible, “renewable” resource, that fuels my eagerness to change for the better.  We can all agree that there is no improvement without CHANGE!  Here are a few ways in which Camp Laughing Child will change for the better in 2017:

1) A full-time (Mexican) Camp Minister will be hired.  He or She will manage all activities of the Camp and coordinate community outreach.  We believe that our ministry to surrounding local villages can be greatly enriched by establishing an abiding and focused “Jerusalem” outreach.  Our annual Family Day Celebrations have helped to build trust relationships with our neighbors.  We have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to “explain” the Hope within us!  Please pray that God will send the right woman, man, or family, to this vital position.  Pray that we have the God-sense to recognize them!

2) Camp construction ends in May.  It is with deep relief that I announce the near completion of our construction/renovation projects at Camp.  Staff and volunteer cabins will be finished and furnished by March 1ST.  The conversion of our playground pavilion into an industrial kitchen and dining hall is the final project.  We will push to finish the renovation within the month of May.

3) Half-time “tentmaking”.  Beginning in 2017, I will spend approximately six months of each year doing something other than directing Camp Laughing Child.  I will act as our Ministry Director, primarily focused on fund-raising, from December through May of each year; this correlates with our camp season.  I will be working independently from June through November.  Our Camp Director, Alex Molina, will also be going to a half-time position.

I hope that this letter is of encouragement to you.  I cannot thank you enough for standing with this healing mission for sick kids.  We are all doing our very best to provide Father’s love to these precious ones.  You have built a truly beautiful ministry!  God is powerfully using Camp Laughing Child to change the lives of children living with terminal diseases in Mexico.  Please pray with us as we move forward in expanding our outreach more deeply into our Jerusalem.  Thank you so much for supporting His mission, for His children, to His glory alone.

Much Love,