News and Prayer Points.

Dearest Camp Family,

I pray that this note finds you surrounded on all sides by Father’s perfect love!  Thank you so much for enabling His ministry of God’s healing love for hurting boys and girls in Mexico through Camp Laughing Child.  We are reaching them because you care enough to pray and share.  You deeply bless and encourage me in this humble work of love for kids with terminal diseases.  We are more impressed with Father’s healing than with the hurts of these precious children!  He is able!

Please pray with us through these important prayer points:


We are thrilled to host a small group from Christ Community Church in Columbus, Georgia from December 12 – 15 this year.  This compassionate team will help financially sponsor and physically serve at our family day celebration on December 14.  They will do the considerable work of hosting over 500 folks for this special day at Camp.  This is our Christmas time event for the local villages which surround Camp Laughing Child.  We count as pure joy and privilege the responsibility to reach out to our “Jerusalem”.  Please pray for our team and for every heart present that day!


I do not believe that you could do a Google search on “travel warnings for Mexico” without feeling an urgent need to pray.  Do please pray!  Be mindful of the millions of innocent Mexicans that live in paralyzing fear within their own country.  I am especially pained that this deepening insecurity complicates the provision of care for sick children.  Please agree that Camp Laughing Child and other care providers will find faith to continue extending healing love to broken lives.  May His compassion be as a shield before us!

Due to increased civil unrest along the U.S./Mexico border, and within many Mexican states, I will NOT be driving to and from Mexico for the foreseeable future.  All my travel between the U.S and Mexico will be by air until there is a significant shift in travel conditions.


Do you recall the exciting news that our wonderful friend and partner Charlie Daniels has agreed to do a benefit concert for Camp Laughing Child in 2015?  We will work tirelessly to maximize the impact of this incredible opportunity to raise awareness and funds for the kids at our healing camp!  We are in touch with Charlie’s office and expect to confirm the concert date this January.  Charlie has kindly agreed to come for band and crew expenses only.  We must raise the expense-only amount of $15,000 plus the 11 hotel rooms required to host the Charlie Daniels Band.  We WILL sell out this concert and greatly bless Camp Laughing Child!  I will keep you posted on the date confirmation.  Pray now for the hearts of our sponsors! 


I covet your prayers as I actively invite others to join our Camp Family between now and Christmas.  Please consider joining me in extending this warm invitation to your family and friends during this Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  Truly, Father and YOU have done the miraculous in building our beautiful healing camp.  May others happily choose to share in this joy of participation with God’s ministry of healing for our hurting kids.  I am asking Father to give us His creativity in presenting this special invitation to love.  Bless you for helping us increase our family of hope and healing!

I love and thank you for enabling this little ministry.  Be encouraged by the deep significance of your compassionate support of Camp Laughing Child.  It is true that we can only do the ordinary… Yet, He adds His love and it becomes extraordinary!  Thank you for changing the world of one child at a time.

Much Love and Gratitude,