Dearest Camp Family,

Bless you for your prayers over the past few weeks.  I am feeling much better after prolonged illness and a week of hospitalization.  I have certainly not missed the faulty gallbladder that is now missing…  I deeply appreciate your love and concern through this challenging season.

I am eager to share with you these images of exciting progress at Camp Laughing Child.  They expose Father’s Goodness through your compassionate obedience.  Thank you for loving Him and His precious children.

After many months of negotiations, the Federal Commission of Electricity has just given us an official quote for the cost of installing our new power service at Camp.  Our legal representative in Mexico, Ana Molina, has worked long and hard with the Commission to keep the expenses at a minimum.  They have given us a final quote of $14,080 for equipment and labor.  Keep in mind the the Camp is nearly a mile from the nearest power source.  Ana is now approaching the community surrounding our Camp to seek financial cooperation for power installation.  We have 6 weeks to notify the power company of our decision to order the new service.  Thank you for praying and sharing this important opportunity into fruition.  LET THERE BE LIGHT!!!

Love and Gratitude,