Our awesome meeting with the leadership of Mexico’s largest HIV/ AIDS organization. Thank you for praying !

Dearest Camp Family,

Bless you for praying for Camp Laughing Child!  We just enjoyed the most wonderful meeting with the leadership of Mexico’s largest HIV/AIDS organization.  Remarkably, they seem genuinely excited about the possibility of working together… and SOON!  The Director even mentioned the Camp to several of the sweet HIV+ kids that we met on our tour of their facilities.  The Directors seemed as thrilled as the children for the possibility.  It is a fantastic beginning to what could be a truly significant partnership for loving, non-institutional therapy for children living with HIV/AIDS.  It seems that every institution that we engage ends up asking us to consider reaching out to other target groups for which they care.  Teen camps, as well as spiritual retreats for adults living with HIV/AIDS, are now being seriously and prayerfully considered.  As I have long believed, the growth of this healing ministry will simply be a matter of spreading the great news of our presence and Godly intentions.  It is happening!  Thank you for believing, praying, sharing, and giving so faithfully.  You have done a beautiful thing!

Please agree for Father’s provision for Camp Laughing Child today.  He is never late, but seldom early!  It seems ironic that in this season of exciting, unprecedented growth we remain significantly under-funded.  Please know that it is profoundly difficult for me to ask of you, who have already given so faithfully and sacrificially to this ministry.  However, I do believe that our small, yet mighty family of supporters is God’s chosen means of fulfilling His vision.  Though long planned, I simply could not afford, in time or money, to visit the US to nurture and build support this year. Greatly increased ministry demands here in Mexico require my full attention.  Since I cannot seem to raise needed funds from here, will you please consider sharing with others the thrilling opportunity to join our family of Camp supporters?  May the Holy Spirit give you an extra measure of compassion and creativity to invite others to join us.

Much Love and Utter Gratitude,