Prayer Plea from a War Zone

Dear Camp Family,

I pray that you and your family are fully alive to the goodness of God today.  I am deeply moved by your faithful prayers and support for Camp Laughing Child.  You inspire me to keep my heart, mind, and spirit, submitted to God, and my feeble hands firmly on the plow in this increasingly dangerous field. 

A television comedy once referred to Mexico as, “God’s little blind spot”.  I do get the tragic humor in this statement. However, we understand that the very real and frightening darkness of Mexico is not because God is blind, but because lost Mexicans (like all lost people) are blind to God’s light and salvation.  It is because I believe that God desires to reveal Himself to the people of Mexico that I continue to work for His glory here.  It is an honor to serve as an extension of His mercy and of your compassionate obedience in this broken country.  We insist that God is worthy of this reasonable service and that reaching these precious children, caught in this war zone, are worth our struggles and associated risks.

I will not burden you with graphic details of the heinous crimes which persist in the immediate area of our Camp.  Unimaginably evil acts are occurring on nearly a daily basis within our small county.  This new reality has caused us to make some significant changes.  

Perhaps the most positive change will be the addition of a Mexican Pastor/Director to our team.  I am currently in communication with a bible seminary in the city of Puebla, a bible college in the city of Pachuca, and the international ministry of YWAM, in search of candidates for this crucial ministry position.    Our Pastor/Director will lead bible studies and prayer meetings within the two main villages near the Camp.  We believe that Father will build His Church, in His time, for His glory, and for the salvation of His people, in this desolate place.  As Director, he will also lead and expand our adventure camps for terminally ill children and their families.  Our ministry partners, along with the kids and families that they serve, are eager to get back to Camp.  Please pray with us that we will be able to welcome them again very soon.

Thank you for standing in the gap for Camp Laughing Child through this challenging season of ministry.  I covet your prayers as I choose daily to take steps forward in faith over fear within this dark land.  We must be more impressed by God’s ability to save than with the lostness of humanity.  Keep praying, sharing, giving, and going, as Father leads you.

Much Love and Gratitude,

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