Progress & Shane’s Health

Dear Laughing Child Family,

Warmest wishes to you and yours this mid-winter.  I am filled with joy for the gift of you this season.  God’s compassionate love creates miracles through the sweet simplicity of your faithful prayers and support.

I must thank our wonderful board member, Rev. Steve English, for going the extra mile for our work.  Steve is taking time from his busy ministry in Guatemala to help Laughing Child in the process of hiring a Pastor/Educator to direct local outreach and plant a church at our camp facilities.  Please join us in prayer that we will not miss God’s first choice for this crucially important position.  We are actively considering a Venezuelan missionary pastor.  We know that God is in the habit of raising beauty from ashes.  What a uniquely captivating voice to embody and illustrate our hope in Jesus among the broken in Mexico.  Thank you for agreeing with Father for His man and His plan.

I am especially grateful for Steve’s help this month as I am facing a medical issue that has extended my stay here in Georgia.  I have ended up in Hospital Emergency Rooms three times in the past three weeks.  I am currently in a process of diagnosis, which will likely include an MRI, and hopefully an effective treatment/procedure for what appears to be nerve damage in my back.  I appreciate your prayers as I seek the shortest path to recovery.  I am beyond eager to get back to Father’s business in Mexico.

Mexico is a rapidly changing country.  The change is not always for the better.  Mexican charitable agencies, like those we serve, face uncertain futures under the current government.  These embattled organizations are struggling to provide their desperately needed services  Tragically, many lives continue to be lost due to the disfunction and corruption of the government.  Please pray with and for us through significant transitions happening within the organization of our primary ministry partners in Mexico City.  La Casa de la Sal has recently experienced changes in leadership which will likely reshape our partnership.  May they joyfully choose to continue to build upon the years of fruitful ministry that we have enjoyed together.

Thank you for dedicating time in prayer to spiritually “build” His church at Camp Laughing Child.  Before the first Word is preached, or the first hymn is sung, may we lay a sure foundation of prayer on which He will build His Church.  We believe that loving, nurturing, and educating the poor children in the local villages around our Camp will command an explanation for the hope within us.  Morning Star Church at Camp Laughing Child will be the place where families discover and celebrate life in Jesus, the hope of the world.

Much Love and Gratitude,

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