Ricky Skaggs, Charlie Daniels, and Camp Laughing Child!

Dearest Camp Family,

I am writing with a warm heart from chilly Nashville, Tennessee.  I want to tell you a story before I give you some great news.  Seven years ago, I recorded my first CD of Hymns, Deep Blue Hymns.  I pray that it is a blessing to you.  My good friend, Bruce Brown (Charlie Daniels lead guitarist), produced the album; he did a great job.  Shortly after we finished the project, we met again in Nashville to get some wisdom on distribution possibilities.  From the start, I told Bruce that Ricky Skaggs was the only person that I knew for sure that we should approach.  He reminded me that that was not an “easy” task. Our first scheduled meeting was with a brilliant music producer that Bruce has known for years.  Interestingly, on our way to the producers office, there was a huge Ricky Skaggs billboard that no one could miss.  I pointed at it and  said again to Bruce, “We have to see Ricky today!” -Bruce just laughed.  Within 10 minutes into our meeting with the producer, his first recommendation to us was that Ricky Skaggs should hear the record.  Bruce looked at me in disbelief.  “Oh well” -said Bruce. “I guess that after lunch we can make the long 45 minute ride out to Ricky’s office and leave a CD with his reception”- he added.  Bruce suggested a nearby Indian Buffet.  We settled into our table and I looked across the room to get the attention of a server.  To my mind-blowing astonishment, there stood RICKY SKAGGS in line for the buffet!  I whispered, “Bruce, Ricky Skaggs is here!”. “He is not” -barked Bruce.  Well, when he turned around and saw Ricky standing there, he went pale.  He glared back at me in amazement and said, “You have to talk to him, but I will be waiting for you outside”.  He was simply too nervous to watch me approach Ricky Skaggs in the buffet line.  So, with my moral support waiting in the parking lot, I found the courage to approach Ricky.  He listened; very kindly directed me to deliver the CD to his office; filled his plate; and returned to his table.  Off I went to the car to tell Bruce the good news. While Bruce and I were standing by the car talking, we heard a voice shouting out, “Hey, Hey”! -It was Ricky Skaggs, scooting across the freezing cold parking lot without his jacket on.  He left his table and company, hurrying out to collect the CD and hear more about the project.  His office assured us of the rarity of that kind of experience.  Since that incredible day I have sensed a divine connection with Ricky Skaggs.

Well folks, just two hours ago, I recorded a duet with Ricky; for a new Shane Clark hymns album called “The Hymn Awakening”!  Others performing duets with me include: Sonya Isaacs, Rhonda Vincent, and Sierra Hull.  Instrumentalists include: Jerry Douglas (dobro for Alison Krauss), Ron Block (guitar for Alison Krauss), Buddy Greene (co-writer of Mary, Did You Know?), Kevin Williams (band leader/guitarist/humorist for Bill Gaither), Stuart Duncan, Andy Leftwich (fiddle/mandolin for Ricky and Kentucky Thunder), Jeff Taylor, Jim Ferguson, Bruce Brown; and even my good friend from Asbury College, Phil Jackson.  The project is being produced by the legendary multiple grammy-winning engineer/producer, Bil VornDick.

This album will provide an exciting and meaningful “front porch” ministry for a deeper introduction to Camp Laughing Child.  Raising sustainable support for our healing adventure camps in Mexico will be a main focus throughout this new year.

-JUST CONFIRMED!!- Another thrilling opportunity to build awareness and support for Camp Laughing Child is OUR CHARLIE DANIELS BENEFIT CONCERT!  We now have a confirmed date:  NOVEMBER 10TH, 2015.  Mark it down and prayerfully consider joining our team to sell out this concert in support of Camp Laughing Child!

Do please pray for us as we head back to Mexico next week to prepare for our special needs camp for children with HIV on January 30TH.  Thank you for being part of this miraculous year for Camp Laughing Child.  All of this is for His Glory and their healing!

Much Love,