Shane’s Music and Camp Outlook for 2017…

Dearest Camp Family,

I trust that your new year is filled with joy and promise.  Thank you again for loving us through 2016.  You are wonderful!

Several folks have asked about the progress of my new album of hymns.  I am excited to report that I have completed my lead vocals for the album: The Hymn Awakening.  The Producer of the project is my friend, a Nashville Legend, Bil VornDick.  The album is now in his capable hands.  Over the next few weeks, final parts will be added, and the record will be mixed and mastered.  It will take around six weeks from then to have CDs available.  I will keep you posted on the completion of the album.  My profound thanks to Bil VornDick and the amazing musicians who have dared to appear on the record of a “no-name” like me; it is a testimony to their compassionate hearts.  May the fruit of this humble project serve as food for the healing of broken hearts like ours.

A recent photo with my remarkable Producer and Engineer, Bil VornDick.

Here is a quick outlook for Camp Laughing Child in 2017.

FAITH:  We are believing Father to complete the beautiful work which He has begun at Camp Laughing Child for institutionalized children living with terminal diseases.  Folks, we are SO CLOSE!  I am delighted to report that we will be hosting filled-to-capacity healing camps for our primary partner, La Casa de la Sal (The House of Salt), from March through May.  We enjoyed a wonderful meeting with the leadership of that great organization just yesterday.  They report that there is no place where their hearts are opened wider than at Camp Laughing Child.  They have come to expect miracles during their camp adventures.  We will be thrilled to host larger groups due to our current expansion. We felt Father’s pleasure when our partner asked us to please increase the size of our adventure camps.  We are believing for Father’s provision to meet this request in time for their next visit on March 24th.  Thank you for believing with us!   

FAMILY:  There are simply no words to adequately express our gratitude to YOU for your loving support of this little ministry.  We are a small, but mighty, family of God’s healing love.  We will be hard at work to invite this blessing of participation with Father in this Kingdom outreach to others in 2017.  We will earnestly pray and tirelessly work to grow our loving Camp Family.  We are excited to report that our primary partner, La Casa de la Sal, will be inviting another important partner to our Camp Family.  An association which oversees three organizations which provide care to children living with cancer in Mexico City will be joining our table for conversation in March.  Please pray for us as we seek Father’s will for reaching these precious kids, with His perfect love, at Camp Laughing Child.  It will be a joy to report a second partner in the coming months.  Thank you for agreeing with Father for this heaven-sent opportunity to love these children into His Kingdom.  God is richly blessing His outreach to hurting kids through Camp Laughing Child! 

FINANCES:  We are asking for your help to put the finishing touches on our Camp expansion in time for our first healing camp adventure.  We are just $12,000 (above our operational budget) away from COMPLETION!  The volunteers’ cabin is just two weeks from ready.  Our final construction project is the conversion of our playground pavilion into an adequate dining hall and commercial kitchen.  We have outgrown our little kitchen and dining area in the Hazel House.  The Director of La Casa de la Sal points to mealtimes as the most spiritually significant moments at Camp Laughing Child.  It is as we are sitting together at the dining table, as one big family, that we open our hearts to one another and to God’s Word.  Please consider helping us set this larger table at Camp Laughing Child.  All but $12,000 has been raised.  Bless you for enabling a simple conversion which leads to eternal transformation.  We continue to ask Father to add to our family of prayers and donors.  May all of our financial needs be met in full in 2017 -He is able!  

Please receive my deepest love and gratitude for believing and building with this humble mission.  Sadly, we are a rare ministry of healing love, for some of the neediest children in Mexico City.  Thank you for extending His light, love, and salvation, to one of the largest and harshest cities of the world.  You are making a beautiful and lasting difference in the life of one child at a time!

I Love You,