Shiny New News

Dearest Camp Family,

I am beyond grateful that you care for me and for our mission as you do. You inspire me to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and my hands stuck to the plow of Kingdom ministry.

Some of you are aware that I recently experienced my 50TH Birthday. I must confess that it was not an easy one to stomach. It is not that I was bothered by getting older—I felt deeply disturbed upon conducting a brutally honest evaluation of my usefulness/effectiveness to accomplish Father’s purposes through Camp Laughing Child. Though our ministry to hurting kids and their families is overwhelmingly encouraging, my spirit is plagued by seemingly relentless financial struggle. Naturally, as the founding director, I take full responsibility for this persistent lack. My failure to raise adequate resources for Camp Laughing Child makes me question my role, thus the future of the ministry.

In this confessional—rather desperate posture—I entered a season of focused prayer. I cannot remember ever feeling a more pressing personal need for hearing the voice of God. Cowardly, there was some part of me that was listening for an “out” from God. I am blown away by what I believe, with all my heart, was God’s loving response to my earnest prayer. A powerful impression so clearly formed in my heart, mind, and spirit: not only should we continue our healing ministry, but Camp Laughing Child should start a Christ-centered community church for the poor families from our surrounding villages. Building a church on the foundation of 10 years of Christian witness in those local communities, sounds like just the kind of vision that our Great Missionary God would ordain. I recently shared this plan with a small group of Godly, long-time friends, and partners with Camp Laughing Child. I fully expect that God will use them in this discernment process.

I am asking you to join us in prayer. I do believe that God wants us to do a thrilling new thing by planting a loving community church. I am also encouraged, and committed, that He wants us to do our current “things” with renewed faith, hope, and love. I pray that God will continue to use YOU to fulfill what is in His heart, for His people, through the ministry of Camp Laughing Child. Thank you for helping us build hope and a future for hurting folks.

Much Love,