Spring FORWARD! Camp photo update…

Dearest Camp Family,

I pray that this brief update finds you surrounded by Father’s perfect Love.  May this Spring be filled with His very best for you and yours.  Thank you so much for including Camp Laughing Child as part of your compassionate heart and vision for our broken world.  We are never more like God than when we care for others more than for ourselves!

Thanks to you, in faithful partnership with Father, we have had a productive season of Camp building.  I thank God every day for the blessing of provision which affords us materials and labor necessary to push toward completion.  I am so deeply grateful for the significant distance we have covered to date.  I am also challenged daily to faith for what remains to be accomplished.  We will surely see the finish of the beautiful work which Father has begun here in southern Mexico.  Bless you for being on His Team to see it through!

Here is rock solid evidence that the Playground Pavilion is up, up and away…  At this stage, most of the completed work is under ground.  We think that foundations are the most important part of building…  whether it be lives or pavilions!

You see our stone mason, Gerardo in the background.  He has laid every stone that you see in these photos.  I hope that one day, Gerardo will realize that he helped build a healing place that paved the way to Hope and Heaven for hurting children.

Mario is preparing the downstairs bathroom of the Hazel House for his beautiful tile work.  It will take him about three weeks to tile the floor and shower walls once the stucco has been applied to the surfaces.  His outstanding work and work ethic sets a high standard for all our workers.  We are so grateful for Mario.  Please remember our workers before Father often.

May we invite the Holy Spirit to do a complete Spring cleaning of our lives… We are His chosen Temples.  May every room of our God Houses be filled with His Light and Love alone.  Thank you for emptying the clutter of a house built on sinking sand and allowing Him to fill you, His “House” with that which is eternal.  When He floods all our rooms, His poor and needy find a healing home.  Thank you for saying yes to Jesus so fully that He finds freedom to give Himself away through your compassionate obedience.  Your yes to Him is a yes to many.  Bless you for including the children of Camp Laughing Child!

I Love You,