Spring Forward

Dearest Camp Family,
I hope that you and your family are enjoying newness of life in these first beautiful days of Spring.  I am personally thrilled for a new season of hope.  It was a long and difficult Winter for Camp Laughing Child.  You might remember that our next-door neighbors were violently attacked in December of last year.  The brother of Pablo, our friend and former staff member, was shot twice while resisting abduction.  Several weeks later, their Mother was kidnapped, beaten, and held hostage.  More recently, Mario (our foreman for 8 years now) was robbed at gunpoint on the short road between his home and our Camp.  These unfortunate events, along with numerous other outbreaks of violence in the area, left me no choice but to suspend camp activities until peace is restored.
Here are a few ways in which our ministry is growing beyond these recent atrocities:
? We are actively seeking God’s choice for a national Field Director/Pastor.  In addition to hosting healing camp adventures for terminal-ill children and their families, he will also fill a pastoral role within our troubled local communities.  It is our vision and hope that a community-based prayer fellowship will grow into a worshipping and serving church within our Jerusalem at Camp Laughing Child.
? Relationships continue to grow with the children, families, and institutions impacted by our ministry.  Gratefully, we have been given access to speak into the lives of our campers and ministry partners right where they live within the concrete jungle of Mexico City.  Though it would be wrong to suggest that Mexico City is a safe place, it is fair to say that our presence in a major city is much less conspicuous than at Camp.
? We are taking measures to appropriately fortify our property to ensure a sense of security.  More substantial fencing and a formidable entrance gate should serve to build confidence for our cherished campers and the institutions that serve them.
I believe that prayer is our most effective response to the evil that would thwart Father’s best intentions for life and ministry.  Thank you for joining me in prayer for good over evil , healing over hurt, and life over death, for the broken children and families that we serve at Camp Laughing Child.
Not only will we survive these recent threats, I am convinced that with your faithful support, we will continue to thrive in ministry.  Thank God for you.
Much Love,