Summer building at Camp Laughing Child – The Rainy Season Progress Report

The Playground Pavilion is nearing completion!  Thanks to YOU, we are about 60% finished with our last Camp building!  Bless you for helping create this healing place.

You can see the building stones in the foreground.  They are being used to construct stairs to the pavilion and a small retaining wall for rainy season erosion.  We often think of Summer as the best time to have Camp…  Not in Mexico!  Summer here is soaking wet.  It rains most every day and often all day long.  Our Camps will be most active during the dryer Fall and Winter seasons.  This makes Summer the best time to work on the Camp.  Next Summer we hope to make the Camp facilities available for use by churches and other groups for donations toward our Fall and Winter Camp Programs.  Our prayerful goal is that Camp Laughing Child will eventually become self-supporting!. Thank you for investing in this sustainable dream!

Here you see the makings of our wonderful outdoor/under the porch fireplace.  Many healing memories will be made in this warm corner of the play porch.  It cools down enough on most every evening to keep warm fires burning in the six fireplaces at Camp Laughing Child.  Needless to say, they will be well screened to protect curious little fingers and chilly little toes!

Faithful Mario stands inside this lovely dorm room with a view.  This photo and the following are of our Playground Pavilion volunteer sleeping room that will accommodate four Camp workers.  With this great view of Camp and the big corner fireplace, it is sure to be a favorite among volunteers.  Actually, I will probably sleep here between Camps.  It is our smallest “heated” room.

Gorgeous flowers like this one make rainy season a beautiful time to live and work at Camp Laughing Child!

Can you see the Playground Pavilion behind the Chapel?  This is a view from the Charlie House for boys.  You can also see some of the happy pine trees that we planted last year.  Though rainy season makes Camp beautifully lush and green, it does present some problems for construction…  Our steep muddy road makes delivery of heavy materials challenging.  The men have indoor projects in the Charlie House when weather makes outdoor progress impossible.  Thankfully, when the roof is on the Playground Pavilion (very soon we hope), we can work through the rain in the two bathrooms and sleeping room.  Thank you for helping us make this final push toward Camp completion!

Here are some very specific Summer needs for which I ask you to join me in prayer:

Water systems from supply to septic for entire Camp   $4,500
Wood, tiles and labor for roofing the Playground Pavilion     $3,900
Concrete, iron, plumbing, tiles and labor for both full bathrooms     $2,500
Concrete, iron, tiles and labor for floors in the Playground Pavilion     $2,200
Custom windows and doors plus labor     $1,900
Remaining stone work  $1,500

These specific requests are for work that needs to be completed by the first of October.  Bless you all that you have done, are doing, and will do to see this healing dream through!

In Love and Gratitude,