Thanksgiving Update

Dearest Camp Family,

I hope this update letter finds you and your family well and happy in this special season of sharing.  I am beyond grateful for the blessing of you today.  So many of you have expressed your love and support to Laughing Child throughout this most challenging year.  Thank you. 

Though the country of Mexico seems to be spiraling out of control, Laughing Child remains committed to the call of God in that desolate place.  We continue to seek and find creative ways to offer His saving love to vulnerable children and families living with terminal diseases there.  Thank you for standing with us for the sake of these innocent victims.

Please pray for us as our board meets this weekend.  In addition to expanding our ministry outreach in Mexico City, we are prayerfully considering invitations to promote healing programs for HIV+ children in other Latin American countries.  Laughing Child has a unique opportunity to encourage and educate churches in the development of ministries focused on these precious children and their families.  Though it has always been the plan of our mission to eventually offer our learning to churches in other developing countries, it seems that the day for this consultation/capacity-building role of our ministry has come.  Please agree with us in prayer that we will take only the steps that Father ordains.  We are not seeking to merely do a “good-thing”… We want to do the “God-thing”.

Thank you for standing with us financially through this tough year for our little ministry.  Your kind gifts will continue to provide love and hope for children and families facing terminal illnesses in a country where little hope and help can be found.  We will not grow faint in offering Father’s healing, saving, and abundant life to broken hearts in dark places.

I Love You,


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