The Charlie and Hazel houses filled with Father’s love!

We are blessing God and thanking YOU for a truly amazing camp with these beautiful children living with cancer.  They are currently undergoing aggressive treatments at a government operated hospital in the city of Veracruz.  What an incredible opportunity for them to enjoy an extended fun break from the pain of their daily lives.  They truly had a blast!  You will see glimpses of their joy through the inspired photography of our Camp Intern, Alex Molina.

Through the intense process of planning this camp, we discerned that it would be in the interest of these kids to have their moms come along.  We have now embraced an expanded ministry to the parents of children living with terminal diseases.  As you can fully understand, a hurting child, is a hurting parent.  Please pray for us as we learn how best to minister to fear-filled parents.

Most wonderfully, after days of Bible studies and Spirit-led prayer, several of our campers prayed with us to receive Lord Jesus as their Savior and Healer.  HALLELUJAH!  As it turns out, Alex is a truly gifted children’s evangelist.  He gently loved those kids into the Kingdom of Father’s healing love.  Please pray for them now as they return to their cruel treatment regimes in Veracruz.  We have wonderful folks in Veracruz that will do consistent follow-up ministry with much love and encouragement to the kids and their parents.  We intend on nurturing lasting relationships with all of our campers and their families.

I could go on and on…  However, these great photos do a much better job at describing the joy and healing experienced at Camp Laughing Child this week.

YOU MAKE THIS POSSIBLE!!  Bless you for enabling this little ministry to do the ordinary with Father’s extraordinary love!!  He is worthy and they are worth it!!

Much Love and Gratitude,



Brenda Sofia was our only Princess at Camp this week.  What a privilege to host Father’s precious little girl.


Here the kids are creating art together in the upper room of the Hazel House.


Sweet Carlitos was actually quite sick last week.  His mom said that he begged to be at Camp this week.  What a fantastic time he had with us.  Carlitos has an inoperable brain tumor.  Please include him and his mom in your prayers.  


Wonderful Emilio!  Our little genius kept us all informed and entertained this week.  We are planning to help this extremely bright boy with advanced education.  Unfortunately, his disease made it impossible for him to attend school for the past three years.  Folks, he really is brilliant.  Please pray that his future unfolds just as Father intends! 


Our little camp crew visited the waterfall that is just a ten minute walk from Camp Laughing Child.  


Emilio sleeping in peace after an afternoon of intense play.


Brenda Sofia and her favorite member of Noah’s Band!  Becky, the chicken, warmed up to her in no time. 


Emilio with Snowball…  He just happened to catch this one!


Precious Carlitos asked Jesus to be His Savior and Lord yesterday.  It is Father’s pleasure to call him son!


Brenda Sofia loaned Becky to her big brother, Esteban.  What a fine young man.  He came with his mom and little sister, Brenda Sofia, but he left Camp Laughing Child with Jesus!!


Carlitos and his mom enjoying their first ever boat ride.  He is her only child.  Please pray that they enjoy many many happy years together.