The Old Switcheroo! Christmas Camp News Flash…

Dear Camp Family,

I trust that you are well and blessed tonight.  I sincerely cannot thank you enough for faithfully holding us in prayer.  Hear me confess that doing ministry here in Mexico often feels overwhelmingly challenging.  We covet your continual intercession as our best made plans are so often forced to change.  Sadly, now is such a time!

We just received disappointing news from the children’s foundation which cares for the kids that we have been busily preparing to host in January.  Apparently, during recent consultation with supervising doctors, it was recommended that the kids be hosted at our “He is Risen” Easter Camp rather than the upcoming Christmas Camp.  The significant difference in climate between their home in tropical Veracruz and that of our cool mountain campground has their doctors concerned.  Due to aggressive treatment regimes the condition of most of these kids is fragile.  Though we certainly understand the validity of their concerns and do ultimately defer to the wisdom of their doctors, it is a rather “late” change in plans.  This leaves us much less time to pursue other interested groups for our planned Christmas Camp.

We will still send out all of the prayer profiles for the rest of the kids from the foundation in Veracruz.  They desperately need us as prayer parents.  The foundation insisted tonight of their excitement to attend Camp Laughing Child and are asking that we welcome them for our Easter Camp.  We are thrilled to do so.  We will visit these precious kids often in the months ahead.  Building deeper relationships with the children and with the foundation will make their Camp adventure all the more meaningful.

Please pray for us this Saturday as we host 600 people for Family Day at Camp Laughing Child.  After the big event, we will be meeting with interested organizations about hosting their kids at Camp.  I especially need your prayers as I do feel rather deflated by this sudden change in plans.  Nonetheless, We will continue to work tirelessly in making ready this truly beautiful healing place for hurting kids.  A dear missionary friend in Latin America reminded me again tonight that the only constant is change.  We are learning to expect the unexpected daily.  Thank God for Jesus, Our Rock!  He is the immovable foundation on which we are building healing, hope, and a future for kids in Mexico. 

Much Love and Gratitude,