The Spring Report and April Showers Speaking Schedule… Check it out!

Dear Camp Family,

I pray that this Camp update finds you and yours Springing to life after a long Winter.  We have certainly had a busy and productive season..  because of YOU!  Truly, I cannot thank you enough for your compassionate generosity which enabled our team to work hard since the beginning of the year.  It has been a joyful time of progress.

You will see just a bit of the fruit of your giving in the photos of this post.  Thrillingly, it will not be long now before these beautiful 7 acres are filled with the laughter of healing children.  It is for this reason alone that we labor.  This is a “house/camp” being built on the surest foundation of Father’s Perfect Will of spiritual healing for the hurting!  We do not labor in vain, thus we do not grow weary in doing good.  What an awesome privilege to work together for His Glory while it is day!  THANK YOU, over and over, for stretching in faith, vision, and outreach to southern Mexico.  I am here because you send me and keep me here.  Your prayers and financial gifts make ministry possible and powerful in the darkest of places.  BLESS YOU for daily joining Father’s heart and mission of reconciliation both near and far.  I love and appreciate you deeply!

This lone horse was grazing in the fog along the dirt road leading to Camp.  The kids will be amazed by the beauty that surrounds them.  What a thrill to explain to them that their Heavenly Father is THE Creator and Savior!

Our newest worker, Pablo, is happy to start planting our first truckload of azaleas.  Planting 45 large azalea bushes last week gets us closer to meeting the government’s reforestation requirements.  Can you believe that we have planted 1,725 trees and bushes to date?!  Only 275 to plant during the next rainy season (May through October)…

Here we are following Mario through the “traffic” on the road to Camp.  This is the second truckload of azalea bushes.  They are actually more like trees than bushes.  They were dug out from deep in the forest near our Camp.  We are told that some of these are more than 30 years old!  It is a joy for the men to spend a half day away from construction to plant trees.  The Camp looks so beautiful with these bright new additions!

Our faithful team!  From left to right is Mario, Cesar and Pablo.  We have been so blessed to assemble such an honest, extremely hard working trio of friends and workers.  They prove again and again that they have the best interests of the Camp at heart.  They have been very excited to add more finishing touches to the Camp landscape this month.



April 5-7  Wildwood, Florida

April 14-19  Brunswick, Georgia

April 20-21  St. Simon’s Island, Georgia

April 28  Columbus, Georgia (AM)  Cordele, Georgia (PM)

April 29  Depart Columbus

I surely hope to see you at one of these April dates.  Please pray with me that the blessings of the month of April will make the Spring and Summer seasons at Camp Laughing Child as gloriously productive as this past Winter.  If we meet our fundraising goal for the month…  Our beautiful Camp will be ready to furnish by the middle of Summer!  SO CLOSE NOW!!

Love and Gratitude,