The Steve English Report. Read about Steve’s recent visit to Camp Laughing Child.

Dear Friends of Camp Laughing Child,

It has been a privilege to join Shane in prayer for you and your families this week.  He speaks most highly of you as true friends and partners to Camp Laughing Child.  We have lifted you to Jesus throughout our visit.  

I am currently in Mexico with Shane for my annual Camp visit on behalf of the Prayer Advisory Board.  I have never been more excited to update you on the growth of this unique ministry.  I must begin the report with a huge WOW!  Though I am always impressed by the development of this beautiful stone campus (in the middle of nowhere), I was simply amazed by what I found on this visit.  Folks, all of the pieces have come together in just an incredible way.   You may rejoice in the fruit of your giving to this healing ministry.  It is not long now before the kids arrive and the laughter begins!

My perspective on the challenging process of creating Camp Laughing Child is shaped by over 20 years of ministry in Guatemala.  I understand, all too well, the complexities faced in establishing a lasting ministry in Latin America.  It is often extremely difficult to accomplish what seems to us to be the simplest of tasks.  Agency after agency impose requirements that one would never imagine to be useful.  However, these requirements are taken very seriously here in Mexico.  Perhaps you remember that a government agency stopped construction on Camp Laughing Child for a whole year!  Adding the daily risks of violence to the endless frustrations of working within corrupt systems takes a toll on the hardiest of missionaries.  I am sure that Shane’s stubborn compassion and commitment to this work are due in part to your faithful prayers.  Please keep praying for him.

After visiting the office of Bishop Manuel Hernandez of the Methodist Church in Puebla, we spent two blissful days at Camp.  Our whirlwind journey then led us to Veracruz, where we met with Methodist Pastor Ruth Luna Bernabé.  We hope and pray that she and her church will partner with Camp Laughing Child for a joint ministry with kids that live in Veracruz.  We are asking Ruth to send volunteers to Camp and to also help us with follow-up ministry to the children when they arrive back home to Veracruz. Our prayer is that meaningful Christian relationships will be formed between the members of Ruth’s church and children living with terminal illnesses in Veracruz.  We are off to a great beginning.

Finally, I thank you for supporting this amazing ministry!  I hope that you will all have an opportunity to visit Camp someday.  Be assured of the eternal value of your partnership with this ministry.  May 2014 be a miraculous year for sick children visiting Camp Laughing Child!


Steve English