Thrilling news from Camp Laughing Child!!!!

Dearest Faithful Friends,

It fills my spirit with profound joy to offer this highest praise to Father and deepest thanks to you.  I believe with all my heart that this new mercy is the result of your connected and consistent prayers for Camp Laughing Child.  THANK YOU!

Our managing Lawyer in negotiations with State and Federal Environmental Authorities just gave me some utterly thrilling news!  To his amazement, these incredibly strict STATE AND FEDERAL AGENCIES HAVE DROPPED ALL PENALTIES AND RESTRICTIONS AGAINST CAMP LAUGHING CHILD.  BLESS GOD!!

The Lawyer said, “The only way that I can explain it is that they really like you and believe in your cause… they just dropped their case”…  SIR, WE KNOW THAT THIS IS BY THE SPIRIT OF OUR HEALING JESUS!  He loves those hurting children enough to melt the hearts of a government to make way for His Salvation  Hallelujah!  This is truly an awesome day for Camp Laughing Child, for children in Mexico.  Please take a moment to praise Him for His victory today.  Isn’t He Wonderful!

I am in tears celebrating this miracle of changed hearts and minds in favor of Our Loving Father’s vision to heal these broken kids.  I simply cannot thank you enough for your prayers and consistent support!  You have truly been my strength through this most difficult year.  Bless you!

Now, what this means is that we can begin the required reforestation TODAY!  We may also pursue appropriate permits from the local Municipality for a continuance to build.  This should not be a problem.  So, in one wonderful morning, our costs have been reduced from over $15,000 + reforestation to around $7,000 + reforestation.  These remaining expenses are for necessary and reasonable penalty-free permits and required environmental studies.  Part of why they dropped the “charges” is that they know that we are eager to reforest our beautiful camp and help the children of Mexico.  They are now with us and not against us!

Please pray that the process continues on this fresh path of blessing.  In many ways, the “real” work is just ahead.  Please pray in that $7,000 and the needed funds to BUILD AGAIN!  Feels so great to be going forward in His Name and for His sake!  This Camp WILL be built and those kids WILL meet their Healer!  THANK YOU FOR PRAYING, GIVING, CARING!!

In Deepest Love, Gratitude and Celebration,



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