Easter Camp VIDEO!

Dear Camp Family,

I pray that you are having a wonderful Summer.  THANK YOU again and again for supporting our Easter Camp for kids with cancer.  It was truly awesome!

I am so very excited to share this brand new video with you.  I hope that it deeply blesses you to see the fruit of your compassionate love in the faces of these precious kids.  Father and YOU are doing beautiful things at Camp Laughing Child.

I have asked Alex to introduce this lovely new video that he filmed and produced (in addition to directing the entire camp).  Here is our Camp Intern, Alex Molina…

Hello all, this is Alex.

First of all I would like to thank Father for you. You have made Camp Laughing Child available to His hurting children. Together, we have built a beautiful healing camp; one that brings them closer to Jesus.

During their stay our little campers heard many Bible stories. We dedicated time with each story to really listen to what God’s heart was telling us. After the second reading they were asking for more stories. On several occasions they just walked to our little library corner and picked up an illustrated Bible that appealed to them. For these kids it was a rarity to have God’s word available to them in such a relaxed and fun way.

Outdoor playing and exploring were some of the kids favorite activities. They discovered what being in nature represents. Even though some came from a farm-like environment, they were able to appreciate Father’s creation in a different and more conscious way. They were constantly marvelled by the beauty of their surroundings and it created a very important awareness of His presence and revelation through nature. None of them had ever seen a waterfall, loved on a chicken, or been on a boat.

Seeing our cozy buildings providing shelter and comfort to this special kids was amazing. The fireplaces kept on going from the moment they arrived to the second we hugged “goodbye”. It was very sweet to see them act as if Camp Laughing Child had been their home all along. A home that cares for them, loves them, and cherish them in the name of Jesus Christ.

On our last evening at camp I asked the children to say a prayer with me. Together we asked Jesus to open our hearts to receive His healing love. I pray now that they will continue to seek Father with the same love that He seeks for us.

I believe in Camp Laughing Child. I have poured all my heart and spirit into this mission. I pray that we’ll be able to continue in ministry to bring these hurting kids to salvation. I encourage you to pray with me for Father’s provision to support this healing camp.  It is our mission to help make His word alive within them. These kids need Jesus. 

Alex Molina